We are very happy to have Microsoft amongst our list of sponsors. They prepared two workshops which will be held by Alexander Repty during our Unconference Day, Wednesday 25th May.

###Make your apps human - get hands on with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Learn how to use Microsoft’s vast array of online services to extend your application with magical capabilities.

With two different focused workshops - each 2,5 hours - we will give you the chance to get in-depth hands on experience with Microsoft Cognitive Services. Each workshop will cover a different set of services to get you familiar with the API usage and how you can enrich your apps with the possibilities they offer. After each workshop you will have coded a fully functional iOS app and used different Cognitive Service APIs.

Don’t worry, we will guide you through the whole process and guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun!

In the first workshop you will create “Tag&Tweet” with the help of the Computer Vision API and some knowledge around the basic iOS SDKs. We want to enable you to generate a detailed description for a given picture with the API and convert it to twitter tags - and post it to the twitterverse.

The second workshop will enable you to create “EmojiMe”. This app will convert your current mood, recognized from a selfie you just took, into an emoji with the help of the Emotions API.

Prerequisites: Bring your Mac along with the current version of Xcode (or the version you feel comfortable with). You should have a basic understanding of the iOS SDKs, the underlying coding patterns and networking as we will use different REST API calls. We will code the apps in Swift so you need to bring basic language understanding too.

Duration: approx. 2 x 2,5h

Fee: free :)