It is one of the main principles behind UIKonf that it should not only be a conference with amazing talks but also a place to make new friends thereby fostering the iOS developer community. With this goal in mind, last year we introduced free social events in order to have some good time with fellow conference attendees and break the ice before the conference properly starts. These events have been a great success: about two thirds of our attendees took part. Bikes were ridden, museums were visited, boat tours were taken, ice was broken.

This year UIKonf social events are stronger than ever and include not only our traditional bike tour but also some new events like a visit to the Stasi Museum. You can find out about the social events here

Furthermore, we want our events this year to serve a special purpose: We would like to use them as a means to raise donations for charity - Given the situation with the Syrian refugee crisis, we decided to help the people who have been driven from their homes by the war in Syria. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of refugees who manage to reach the relative safety of Europe, there are millions of people who are suffering in Syria and its neighbouring countries.

You can register your social event ticket through the confirmation email you received after registering your main conference ticket (if you registered before February the 28th you should have received a separate email from us). There is no minimum price for the social event tickets, but we suggest a donation of 5€. Feel free to chip in more because 100% of the revenue from the social event ticket sales go to Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (in German with a link to English) which is doing great work helping people who are on the run from the war in Syria.