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Social Events at UIKonf 2019

UIKonf features a list of social events on the day before the conference. These events are intended to help you break the ice with fellow conference attendees.

Bike Tour

A guided bicycle tour is the best way to discover Berlin. You’ll enjoy the city’s expansive, green and primarily flat urban landscape. On routes, almost entirely separated from automobile traffic, our guides will take you to some of Berlin’s most interesting, exciting and unexpected places. We provide the bikes, all you have to bring is your curiosity, a little bit of leg strength, good mood and something to cover yourself should it start to rain.

Start: 2pm (meeting-time 1:45pm)

Boat Tour

Experience Berlin by boat while enjoying coffee and cake with other attendees. This tour takes you past Berlin’s biggest sights – like the Reichstag and Berliner Dom – and is perfect for those who are still a bit jet-lagged or are not able to walk long distances.

Start: 1:30pm (meeting-time 1:00pm)

Craft Beer Brewery Tour

Welcome to one of Berlin’s most innovative Micro-Breweries: BRLO BRWHOUSE. Over the course of our tour you will get the unique opportunity to visit the very heart of BRLO - our 20HL brewery. Here, specialist staff will take you on a journey through the brewing process, from farm to finished product, giving you an overview of each of the ingredients which use to give our beer its taste.

We will cap off the tour with a guided tasting of our fantastic beer. PRST!

Start: 2pm (meeting-time 1:45pm)

Walking Tour

If cycling is not your thing, this 3,5 hour walking tour will take you past Berlin’s best known sights including Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Museums Island and the TV tower.

Spy Museum

As the center of the Cold War, Berlin has a story or two to tell about spying. Join a tour through the fairly new German Spy Museum, learn about the history of spying and encryption and check out espionage tools from movies and real life.

Start: 1pm (meeting-time 12:45pm)

Museum of Technology

Join a guided tour through Berlin’s coolest museum, the retirement home of dozens of trains and airplanes as well as a reproduction of the world’s first computer, Z1. Afterwards you can explore the museum on your own and enjoy a refreshing glass of beer in the nearby biergarten of BRLO brewery.

Start: 12:30pm (meeting time 12:15pm)

Tempelhof Airport Tour

Another UIKonf Classic is back - get a glimpse of the old airport of Tempelhof. As one of the first public airports world-wide, it served as a US military base during WWII and was crucial for the survival of West-Berlin’s citizens during the Berlin Blockade. Inside, the building seems to be frozen in time, making its history is still very tangible. Outside, the airfield has become Berliners’ favorite place for running, kite- and roller-skating or just relaxing in the sun.

Start: 2:30pm (meeting-time 2:10pm)

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