Register for the Hackathon!

If you are attending the conference, you will have received an email to the register for the hackathon. Registration is currently limited to attendees only. If we have any of the 120 spots left by Friday night, we will open registration to the public.

We are happy to already announce some of the prices we will give away during the hackathon.

Hackathon Prizes

  • AppCode licences by Jetbrains for 2 teams
  • 3 Estimote developer packs (iBeacons)
  • 1 Hipster Bike Package (Singlespeed Bike, Kryptonite Schloss, Ass Saver, Knogs Lampen) sponsored by TapGlue

React Native Workshop by Facebook

We are happy to also host two workshops by Facebook Engineer Nick Lockwood. The workshop will be an introduction to React Native from a native iOS developer's perspective. Nick will cover:

  • What React Native is, and why you would use it
  • Building and debugging a React Native application
  • Integrating React Native views into an existing app
  • Creating native iOS modules and views for use in a React application

Each workshop will include a presentation and live coding demonstration.

The workshops are free to attend and take place on Monday and Tuesday from 11:30am to 1pm in the small room upstairs in Heimathafen. If you want to attend, be sure to be on time to get a seat.

UIKonf App

We've seen some of you creating and sharing Berlin guides and schedule PDFs for UIKonf. Thank you for that!

We've been busy as well. Maxim created the UIKonf App that contains the schedule and additional information about locations.

Get the app