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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

It is a good idea to book your UIKonf ticket early to make sure you get one. On the other hand, booking so early is not easy because life is life and there are unexpected circumstances.

That is why we have a very flexible refund and transfer policy: you can refund your ticket and get the full purchase price back or transfer to somebody else with no penalty until March 2nd.

From March 3rd until April 13th, there is a 100€ (excl. VAT) penalty for refunds but you can transfer your ticket to somebody else with no extra cost.

After April 14th, we don’t accept any refunds and transfers any more.

Refunds for PayPal Orders

Due to PayPal rules, we cannot refund your ticket after 60 days. So if you paid with PayPal, it is either the deadlines above or 60 days after purchase whichever comes first.

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